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We meet Wednesdays at Noon at the
Dornick Hills Country Club
519 Country Club Road
(Country Club Rd. & Chickasaw Blvd.)
Ardmore, OK  73401
President Brett Matherly called the meeting to order.   Emmett Hudgins led the invocation. Rotarian of the
Day, Charlie Williams, led the club in saying the Pledge of Allegiance and the recitation of the 4-way test.
The Rotary Club of Ardmore‚Äôs annual day of ringing the bell for the Salvation Army is this Friday at Walmart.  Emmett Hudgins reminded volunteers that the schedule will be posted at each door with phone numbers in case members need to call the next person on the schedule. 
We had several happy dollars this week. John Cobb is back and his daughter and granddaughter both recently received honors.  Kevin Lassahn was proud that his daughter was chosen as a Junior Rotarian.  Ken Bohannon announced upcoming programs for the Goddard Center.
Recognition of Junior Rotarians
Four students from Ardmore and Plainview were selected as Junior Rotarians for December.  They were Bryson Stricker, Anna Lassahn, Sydney Batson, and Dawson Stedman. 
Guest Speaker
Rotarian of the Day, Charlie Williams, introduced Wilson Seawright.  Wilson is an archivist and genealogist at the Chickasaw Cultural Center in Sulphur.  Mr. Seawright discussed ways to begin collecting and establishing your genealogy.  He discussed the removal of the tribes to Oklahoma.  In the 1890 census of Indian Territory there were 11,000 Choctaws, 5,000 Chickasaws, 8,000 African-Americans, and 78,000 non-natives.  The 1887 Dawes Act began the process that led to the Dawes Rolls and the allotment of land to individual tribal members.  He explained the difference between tribal membership and CDIB cards.  The Dawes Rolls closed in March of 1907 and will never be added to again.  Applicants can apply for a CDIB card and tribal membership but they must have a direct ancestor who had a roll number. 
26 members and 10 guests were present, for a total of 36.
Anita Seawright, Wife of speaker, Wilson Seawright, and guest of Charlie Williams
Wilson Seawright, speaker, guest of Charlie Williams
Bryson Stricker, Junior Rotarian and Dee Stricker, Parent
Anna Lassahn, Junior Rotarian and Jennifer Lassahn, Parent
Sydney Batson, Junior Rotarian and Aaron Batson, Parent
Dawson Stedman, Junior Rotarian and Scott Stedman, Parent
ROD Betsy Wright
Dec 19, 2018
Jay Earp, Oklahoma Dept. of Transportation
No Rotary Meeting
Dec 26, 2018
Christmas Break